Tower 10

Tower 10 is a 1994 Simon-Duplex/LTI rear-mounted 102-foot ladder tower. It has an 8 person cab, and is powered by a 475 hp Detroit Diesel 60 Series DDEC II Engine. Tower 10 has an Allison HD4060PR five-speed World automatic transmission with a retarder. The ladder is a steel three-section ladder rated at 1,000 pounds dry and 500 pounds wet tip-load with no angle or extension restrictions. The basket houses 2 master stream devices, one remote-controlled electric 1,250 gallons per minute Task Force Tip combination nozzle and one stacked tip nozzle. A 2-inch tip is usually carried on this nozzle. Total water flow is rated at 2,000 gallons per minute. Tower 10 carries a large compliment of tools and fire fighting equipment. The following is just a sample of some of the features and equipment. Equipment on the ladder and basket: David Clark Headset system from the turntable to the basket, a chain saw, a 100-foot electric reel, 2,500 watt quartz lights on a removable tripod, 2,500 watt quartz lights mounted on basket, 75 gpm shower nozzle, two 2.5-inch gated connectons on basket front, a 2.5-inch gated connection in basket, a 14-foot roof ladder, 10-foot attic ladder, a 6-foot pike pole, and a breathing air system for the crew operating in the basket. Ground Ladders include one 45-foot pole ladder, one 35-foot ladder, one 30-foot ladders, one 20-foot roof ladder, one 16-foot roof ladder, two 10-foot attic ladders, and one Little Giant ladder. Special Equipment includes one portable cutting torch, one Holmatro PPU-10 combination cutter/spreader tool. Miscellaneous Equipment includes 12.5 kW generator, two gasoline powered positive pressure fans, two electric fans, six 1,500 watt quartz lights on cab and body, two 250-foot electric cord reels mounted in the body, pike poles - several sizes, shovels, buckets, covers, axes, bars, 200-feet of 5-inch supply hose, a phantom hydrant manifold, various adaptors for 5 and 4-inch hoses and other truck company tools.