Building Fire on Old Gunpowder Rd

March 7, 2015.  Just before 11:30pm, Engine 103 and Ambulance 107 were alerted to 14800 Old Gunpowder Road for an outside Fire. While enroute Public Safety Communications advised that the “Caller can see flames and that the fire is getting bigger”.   E103 laid supply line from Old Gunpowder down a long driveway toward the fire.  Once down the driveway, E103 found a 1-Story, 8 bay, commercial automotive garage with fire showing from one bay and through the roof.  The officer from E103 advised communications to “Fill the Box” bringing RE49 PE41 E715 TK31 TW715 HCTK6.  E103’s crew deployed a 2” attack line with a stack tip.  Due to the fire load, flammable liquid storage tanks, and partial collapse of the structure command advised an exterior attack only. Working with master streams from TK31 (Beltsville) and Tower 715 (Burtonsville) along with the hand line from E103, the fire was extinguished in about an hour.  Special thanks to the crew who brought the City of Laurel’s Canteen Unit to the scene supplying food and drinks for the crews.